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LadyCare is a non-invasive Class 1 Medical Device with no known side effects.

Easy to use

Small, discrete and comfortable, simply clip it to your underwear.


No ongoing costs, just a one-off payment of £24.50 (lasts a lifetime*)

  • Reduced hot flushes
  • More sleep
  • Better skin tone
  • Increased energy
  • Improved mood

Are you searching for a natural alternative?

Then LadyCare could be for you. Thousands of women have found the unique patented technology has been successful in reducing their menopause symptoms.

With over half a million sold in the UK alone, LadyCare is fast becoming a firm favourite amongst women seeking help.

You could

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What our customers say..

  • I started looking online for health supplements, and found LadyCare. After a month, not one hot flush or night sweat for 2 weeks.

    -Katherine Harris

  • The flushes have virtually subsided, aching bones and joints feel relieved and no more waking nights, fabulous product.

    -Jane Tennant

  • I no longer take HRT and within a few days of wearing LadyCare my hot flushes stopped. I feel so much better in every way.


  • I was very sceptical, but within one day of wearing it I began to notice a difference, now I have absolutely no symptoms!

    -Debbie Reilly


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Used as a drug-free alternative to HRT

A common treatment for menopause symptoms available in the UK is Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), but the adverse side effects associated with these treatments have been widely reported.

The menopause can last five or even six years so the thought of taking medication for such a prolonged period of time and coping with the side-effects is extremely off-putting for many women.

LadyCare offers the potential of a healthy, drug-free alternative with no known side effects. it is a one-time investment, which makes it a much cheaper option compared to the ongoing costs of HRT or supplements.

Thinking about coming off HRT treatment? LadyCare can help ease your symptoms whilst you do so!

(Always consult your GP before stopping treatment)

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71% of women reported
a reduction in symptoms*


Unique technology, supported by independent research

LadyCare is a tested class 1 medical device that has been proven to reduce symptoms in 71% of women.

There have been two independent trials undertaken in the last five years. The first focused on determining the effectiveness of the device in reducing menopause symptoms. The second trial (carried out in conjunction with the British Association of Women Police) helped us identify the cause of menopause symptoms and therefore how the device could help alleviate them.

Both trials yielded very positive results.

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